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1 on 1 Coaching Session


Every session will be specific to each player's individual needs to improve his or her technical ability, soccer IQ, awareness, reaction time, and soccer specific fitness. Every session will be designed for the athletes specific goals and needs as player.


1 session- 60$

6 sessions- 275$ "Free PST shirt included"

2 Person Private Session


One coach will work with 2 players to develop each athletes technical ability, soccer IQ, awareness, reaction time, and improve each players fitness level. "2 players with similar abilities and skills recommended" 


1 session- 80$ "Total cost"

6 sessions- 375$ "Free PST shirt included"

3 Person Private Sessions


3 player sessions are the most popular option and also the best way to bring out the competition aspect of the game as well as allowing coaches to incorporate more game realistic and tactical based drills. Along with being the most cost effective option this is also the best option to challenge and push each player to his or her limit. 


1 session- 90$ "Total cost"

6 sessions- 450$ "Free PST shirt included"

Goalkeeper Training


Goalkeeper sessions will be aimed to improve each players reflexes, handling, positioning, footwork, distribution, and overall goalkeeping knowledge. Each session will be run by our very own goalkeeping coach.

"Goalkeeping session times may vary Please email PeakSoccerTraining@gmail.com to book a session"

Cost               1 session      6 sessions

1 on 1 session-      60$     250$

2 player session-   80$     375$

3 player session-   90$     450$

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